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Privacy Statement

BeHome cares greatly about responsible handling of the information of consumers. Personal information is cautiously processed and secured. With this beHome acts in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Personal information
To improve the use of the website, beHome can store information in a database. BeHome uses this information so she can keep visitors informed about interesting offers on products and services, as well as products and services of other sub-units of beHome. If beHome wishes to use these, she will always try to take into account the preferences. Personal information will never be places at disposal of third parties without your consent.

Quantified information
General information is also maintained on the website, for example the most requested pages. Purpose is improvement of the set up of the website, in order for beHome to optimise her services.

To compile the above aggregated information, a small file known as a cookie is sent to your computer by beHome. A cookie is mainly intended to give you the opportunity to download our website faster in the future. Apart from that the cookie does nothing more than record the way you use our website, which site you visit from, how long you visit our site, when you leave and which site you move on to next (or whether you logoff).