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Welcome to beHome

beHome is your best choice for residence mediation in the Netherlands. You will find our offices in the following cities:

Tel.    +31 15 214 51 24
Tel.    +31 6 420 850 79
Tel.    +31 10 223 54 03
Tel.    +31 79 822 24 56

BeHome makes finding your perfect apartment easy and hassle-free.

Our award-winning fast and friendly service and our unique approach guarantee quick results! Contact us now for more information or a personal consult.

About beHome

BeHome is Holland's newest and most ambitious leasing agent and is expanding rapidly. We currently have 4 offices in the major regions of the country, so there is always a beHome office near you. Whether you are looking for a fully furnished apartment, a house or just a short-term solution for your stay, beHome is there to help you with it!