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Frequently asked questions

Do I pay for an enquiry?
No, an enquiry is free of charge.

Do I need to have registered to look at the availability of real estate?
No, you do not have to be registered to look at the availability on out website. However, residence seekers that have registered, receive our newest offers 2 workdays earlier by e-mail and/or phone.

Do I need to have registered to view a residence?
Yes, only residence seekers that have registered can view a residence.

How does a viewing proceed?
Foregoing the viewing we will make an appointment with you. An employee from beHome will guide the viewing. During the viewing you can indicate your interest in the residence. Following this we will introduce you by letter to the landlord/owner. Despite the fact that we have a consultative role, the final decision of who will be chosen as tenant will be made by the landlord/owner. There is no correspondence possible concerning this decision.

How many residences may I view?
Your registration is valid for 12 months. Within this year you are entitled to view as many residences as you would like.