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Terms of use & Conditions beHome

When registering with beHome as a residence seeker, you are explicitly agreeing with the following terms of use and conditions:

  • The information you have provided has been entered correctly and to the best of your ability.
  • The information you have provided will be treated with the utmost confidence.
  • The information you have provided can be checked and verified by beHome.
  • You hereby give beHome the explicit task to seek suitable living space, the manner in which the mediation comes about does not matter.
  • The confirmation of this registration does not constitute the right of assignment.
  • You are to include the following documents with this form: a copy of your ID; a copy of a recent bank statement; a pay slip / employment contract. BeHome will make copies of these documents and archive them.
  • In case a house is assigned to you, you will need to sign a rental agreement as is customary with beHome.
  • It is not possible to take an option on a residence, only the deposit of one months rent and a security deposit of one months rent assures that the residence will not be offered or rented to others.
  • All verbal and written announcements concerning the rent of a house are assumed to have been made with the landlord's permission. If after the fact it becomes clear that no such permission was given, the rent will be cancelled, with no rights able to be derived from any of our announcements or any down payments. In such a case, we will not be held responsible for the consequences in any way.
  • The final assignment of a house is always the responsibility of the landlord/owner.