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Terms of use & Conditions beHome (2)

  • All of the by beHome done offers of residences or as the case may be commercial real estate, both written as verbal, are free of obligation. No rights can be derived from this.
  • You agree that you will be charged € 50,- when you do not cancel an appointment 3 hours in advance or fail to appear at an appointment that has been confirmed by you and beHome for the viewing of a residence.
  • In case of rental, a one-time commission fee equal to one months rent (plus 21% taxes) will need to be paid, you hereby explicitly agree. In some cases you will pay only 50% or even no commission at all. (This is clearly noted in the description of the residence. If nothing is mentioned the full commission will be charged.)
  • Only if accommodation is assigned to you your registration fee will be refunded, in all other cases you cannot claim reimbursement. If you have been registered for multiple years, the maximum you can get refunded are the registration fees of the last year.
  • By renting a house and signing the corresponding lease, you are obligated to fulfil the payment of rent, deposit, and mediation costs (plus taxes), in cash or by means of a bank grant.
  • At the date of delivery of a residence that may be assigned to you, any previous agreements need to have been fulfilled.
  • After a house has been assigned to you, your registration with beHome will be terminated.
  • NOTE; In case of a cancellation on your part, no matter the reason, you are obligated to pay one months rent before the date of delivery, as well as the mediation costs (plus taxes).
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