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Up to date offers
On our site you can take a look at our offers. If you wish to be kept up to date on our new residences, place a free enquiry.
If you want to be able to have the first choice from our newest offers and to be able to see our residences unlimited, register now as a residence seeker. As a fully registered residence seeker you get the newest offers by e-mail and/or phone two workdays sooner than other residence seekers.

When you register with us as a residence seeker, you can inform us about all of your accommodation wishes.
If you wish to be the first to be informed about our newest offers or if you wish to view a residence, you will have to have fulfilled the registration fees.
Take notice of the following: you can register for free until April 1st 2019 as a residence seeker! Click here for our subscribing procedure.

Every residence that we offer has been visited personally by one of the employees from beHome. This way we’re completely up to date about all of the characteristics of the residences that we offer. If you have registered with us, we’ll compare these characteristics to your specific accommodation wishes. When a residence corresponds with your wishes, it will be offered to you immediately.
Of course it’s possible to stay updated about through our offers on our website.