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Working Method (2)

Residence seekers that have registered with us, have the opportunity to make an appointment with us to view a residence. If you haven’t registered, quickly fill in the registration form.
Take notice of the following: to view a residence, you also need to have fulfilled the registration fees.

Before the viewing the following need to be handed in:

  1. Passport/ visa or residence permit.
    (In case of Commercial Real Estate; shopping malls, office spaces, etc., you’ll have to include a recapitulation of the Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Proof of salary
    (A copy of your last salary slip, employers’ testimonial, labour-contract, declaration of income taxes, recent balance of trade)
  3. A recent bank statement. This is a simple though effective method to check if the by you stated address is correct.
It goes without saying that we will handle your personal information with the utmost care. A potential landlord/owner will not see them without your permission.

When you get a residence appointed, you’ll pay mediation fees which usually equal one months rent, excluding 19% taxes. Sometimes there are properties for which the landlord/owner pays all of- or part of the fees.
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