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Frequently asked questions

What are the costs of renting to beHome?

The renting of a residence with beHome is free of charge!
We search, select and view the residence together with potential tenants and that for no costs at all!

Do I still have a say in who will rent my residence?
You will always decide who will rent your house. If beHome finds a suitable tenant, we will introduce them by letter and discuss them with you.

As landlord/owner on my own expense, can I take part of the mediation commission?
Of course it’s possible to take 50% or even 100% of de mediation commission at your own expense. As a result of the tenant not having to pay the commission him- or herself, in general your residence will be rented more quickly. When you offer your residence, let beHome know your wishes.

Can I deviate from the lease at beHome?
BeHome works with standard leases, but of course we also offer custom made packages, drawn up especially in accordance with your wishes.

My residence is presently already registered with another real estate agent. Can I still call in beHome?
Naturally! At beHome you are always free to call in on multiple mediation parties.